Where should we shoot?

This is the fun part! There really is no end to the great locations we can choose. I've shot at Airbnb's, personal homes and Austin landmarks. We just need to make sure we have beautiful light and a look that works with your brand.

What should I wear?

Short answer - something you feel great in. You need a few different looks that fit great and are camera ready (i.e. are ironed). It should work with your brand colors and reflect the best version of who you are at work. We can discuss specific outfits in your pre-shoot consultation!

Can you also take photos of my product?

Yes! I'd be happy to! Let's talk details about where you'll be using the photos so we can make sure we get what you need. Depending on the scope of what you need, there may be an additional fee for this.

Can we go to more than one location?

Sure! We can fit 2 locations into a half day session. If you have more than that in mind, a full day is probably right for you!

Can I bring a friend with me?

Absolutely! Bring the person who brings out your real smile. Everything is more fun with the right friends. (But if you need an excuse to tell the wrong friend no, you can totally say I said no extra people at the shoot!)

Is there an additional fee for renting a location?

Yes. Vacation rentals and event venues can be great options for your shoot! They're private, tend to have great lighting and there's no worrying if you have permission to shoot if you've rented the place! If you choose to go that route for your session, any rental fee is in addition to your session fee.

Can you help me not look posed and stiff?

Yes!! I don't want you to look posed and stiff either. I will direct and help you know what to do. But you can say goodbye to headshots that make you look like a scared kid on school picture day! Your potential clients will look at your photos and see a confident, well-met person whom they'd love to do business with!

Do You Travel?

Short answer - yes! Within the Central Texas area, just contact me for the travel fee and availability. If it's further afield, scheduling may be trickier, but not impossible! Contact me and we'll see if we can make it work!