Tip No. 1 - Make a Plan!

You and I will collaborate ahead of time to plan your actual shoot, but I want you to spend some time a week or so before your shoot to plan what the rest of your day will look like! Think about how early you need to get up and what you'll eat for breakfast. Check and make sure you don't need to replenish your coffee or schedule enough time on the way to grab something special. Work a little extra self care into your getting ready routine. I love to use Sephora's little individually packaged eye masks on days when I need to feel a little more energized than normal. Put 'em in the fridge the night before - trust me!

While you're at it, plan a little (or big!) celebration for after the shoot! You did a hard thing! A little reward is in order! Tag me in a pic of your post-shoot celebration and I'll repost you!

Tip No. 2 - Talk Nice to Yourself

When jitters start to creep in, it is really easy to start noticing things that bug you. Listen, I am going to make you look great, but this shoot is not about you starting a modeling career. Odds are you're not perfect and guess what - that's going to make all your imperfect potential clients love you all the more. I would bet you can find 3 or 4 things you legit love about yourself! Look in the mirror, tell yourself, "damn my hair looks good!" and then get on down the road. You're going to look amazing!!

Tip No. 3 - Turn Up The Music!

Did I spend days curating a perfect playlist for my own first brand shoot? Yes, yes I did. And I listened to it on repeat for the whole week leading up to my shoot! I can't suggest this strongly enough! It'll keep the energy up and help us avoid any awkward quiet moments. I'll likely be telling you you're pretty or handsome the whole time, but every once in a while I gotta check settings, ya know?

The only rule is that every song should make you feel like the most confident version of you! And I promise not to judge any of your song choices! My photographer didn't blink an eye when Mariah Carey came on, and I will extend that same courtesy to you. 😘

Tip No. 4 - Do Everything Ahead of Time!

Okay, not *everything* can be done ahead of time. But iron your clothes, choose shoes and jewelry, pack up your props. Do as much as you can at least one day before your shoot. Load things into your car the night before if you're comfortable with that. If not, set them all beside the door, ready to go. Get the coffee set to brew before you go to bed. If you've got kids, even get their clothes set out and plan their breakfast and how they're getting where they're going ahead of time.

If all you have to do the morning of your shoot is get yourself ready, you'll be much more relaxed and have a better shoot.

Tip. No 5 - Take a Little Time Off

Even if you're not shooting for the entire day, taking the day off from work will let you focus on and enjoy your shoot more. This will show up in your images! Imagine the difference between waking up, taking your time getting ready and having plenty of time to get to our location on time and trying to get ready, squeeze in a meeting or phone call and then jump in the car after it's run 15 minutes too long. Which one sounds better?

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