Simply put, a brand shoot is a photo session dedicated to creating images an entrepreneur or business can use online or in print to grow their business. It incorporates your brand message, brand aesthetics including colors, and the people involved in making your brand work. - even if that's just you! When you combine gorgeous, brand specific imagery with your own talent and expertise you better be ready to get to work, because all those potential clients will be lining up to work with you!

Every business needs photos that communicate to potential clients who they are, what they do, and the fact they are good at what they do! Are the images on your website and social accounts doing that? Does the quality of the photos on your pages do justice to the quality of your work? Do they draw potential clients attention to your copy and make them think 'Ooh I want to know more!' If not, can you imagine how your business could be transformed if they did?

Your brand shoot will include some simple photos of you and/or your team. You'll use these as profile pics, on your website's About Me page, for social posts and any time you are a guest for a speaking engagement or event.

We'll also capture images of you doing what you do! If you own a coffee shop, I'd show you behind the counter making an espresso. I'd shoot a real estate agent hammering a SOLD sign in front of house. We'll talk ahead of time about what props make sense for your shoot and how and where you might use the images. That way we make sure you go home (or back to the office, anyway!) with a ton of photos that communicate your services clearly to your clients.

Detail shots are next! If you're like me, you don't necessarily want to post photos of your face on social media every single day! Your face needs to be there sometimes, but a mix of portraits and detail shots is stronger. We'll shoot the tools you use and any completed or even in progress work you'd like the world to see. These look great on your website and show potential clients what a boss you are at *insert your profession here*!

If you happen to be running a company that sells a product or even a whole line of them, we will definitely include those in your shoot too! You'll use these over and over again on your socials and probably all over your website too. Side note - if you need photos of your products for your online store or Amazon, I can do that too! It would be separate from a brand shoot, but feel free to ask about that service too!

You can have one of those beautiful, exciting websites that make people want to work with you - but you need great brand photos to make that happen! I have offerings for every kind of business. Click below to contact me and start planning your brand session!