So How Does This Work?

Maybe you've tried a branding session before and been disappointed. Maybe this is your first time and you're excited but nervous! Either way - I'm ready for ya!

Pre-Shoot Planning

Once we settle on what type of session you want, I'll help you dig into your needs, brand identity and the style you'd like. This will help us choose a venue and create a shots & props list.


Need Help With A Vision?

If you know exactly what shots you want, great! If not, that's ok, too! I will listen to your vision and give guidance and ideas where needed.


Shoot Day!

The best day! I promise we will make it fun. There will be music, there will be laughter and there will be beautiful photos at the end of it. All nerves will be forgotten!


Download & Get to Work!

After the shoot, you'll have your photos back within two weeks. I'll deliver them in an online gallery where you (& whoever else needs to) can download all the high res files.